Animal Assisted Therapy

Summer developed her own unique twist on this scientifically proven method of healing. Animal Assisted Therapy will be done in the office only.  With prior approval , you may bring one of your family pets or motional upport nimal.  The animal must be up to date on shots, and have a current health record available at time of session;  be flea and tick free upon entering the office, completely house trained and on a leash or in a carrier entering and exiting the building.

If you are curious about obtaining an Emotional Support Animal , Summer can assess your unique situation and help you determine if an ESA is right for you. She can also provide the documentation necessary for the ESA to travel with you and live with you; once it is determined that your situation meets medical criteria. 

** Sorry, elephants will not be used as therapy assistants


Summer Allan Wilson, LCSW-Clinical Supervisor

600 South Palestine St
Athens Texas 75751

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