Fees and Payment Options

                                                                   REGULAR AND CUSTOMARY FEES  FOR SUMMER  ALLAN  WILSON  AS OF JULY 1, 2022


Payment of fees, including any required co-pays AND deductible, is expected at beginning of each appointment.  All financial transactions will be completed before your session begins. NON MEDICAL WRITTEN DOCUMENTS WILL NOT BE RELEASED UNTIL FEE IS PAID IN FULL AND ACCOUNT IS CURRENT  

Diagnostic & Evaluation Session (1st visit)____________$275

Follow Up Office Visits____________________________$250

Written correspondence for NON medical issues: _____   $150/per page

Copy of records for NON medical purpose_ __________  $100 per set

Court Ordered Intervention; ______________________   See Package option

***Court Related/Ordered Testimony Fee:_____________ $950/day

***The “Court Related/Ordered Testimony Fee”  is due 7 days  in advance of the requested date of service and is non refundable should the date of service change for any reason or be postponed or cancelled for any reason other than natural disaster or weather related delay or facility closure as declared by the local authority with jurisdiction with less than 4 days notice.


This option is available to anyone and is designed for matters INSURANCE WILL NOT COVER such as PROVIDER IS OUT OF NETWORK, CUSTODY RELATED ISSUES, and  ANY  ISSUES WHICH ARE “COURT ORDERED” or you elect to private pay for personal reasons. 

  4 sessions    = $ 750 -    AVERAGE PRICE  PER SESSION    $187.50  

  8 sessions    = $1200-    AVERAGE PRICE PER SESSION     $150.00  

 12 sessions   = $1500-    AVERAGE PRICE PER SESSION     $125.00    

 Cost of Court Ordered  Intervention will be determined by complexity of the order.        

Paying with Health Insurance: How To Verify Your Insurance Plan 

I want to use my insurance:   Insurance is a very complicated way to pay for anything these days.  I have tried to make paying for my services as simple as possible.  However, according to ALL insurance companies, it is the responsibility of the insured to make sure my services will be paid for. That means you making a phone call to your insurance company before your appointment day and talking to the customer service department.    

Regretfully, your session will not begin until proof of coverage is provided.  Please verify your insurance before arriving at the office.   

Here are the steps to take to  determine if your insurance will pay for your time with Summer:

To determine if you have mental health coverage through your insurance carrier, the first thing you should do is call them.  Check your coverage carefully and make sure you understand their answers.  Some helpful questions you can ask them:

1.  Please call your insurance and ask if :  MARGARET SUMMER ALLAN (WILSON) LCSW-S is an "in network provider" for your plan and give them her National Provider Identification number:   1225192867 

2.  Write down any information you receive and the person you are talking to for future reference. 

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